Canada’s dogs may soon be able to travel in the US, too!

Traveling in Canada and the United States is an incredibly unique experience for dogs.

They are often treated as second-class citizens, and some dogs can only travel within their own country.

But with the recent Supreme Court ruling that could make travel across Canada legal for dogs, Canada and its provinces are looking to expand their dogs’ rights and travel to the US and other US states.

Travelers can travel to a US city for the first time in over a decade with the approval of the Canadian Border Services Agency, a federal agency responsible for border control and screening.

The CBSA says the new rules will be in place by March 2019.

It says the agency will provide travellers with a travel document with a “passport” or driver’s license number and address, but that travelers will not be required to show a Canadian passport or Canadian driver’s licence number.

The document can only be used to travel to and from a US airport or port of entry, or to and through Canada.

“The new rules are expected to be adopted in March 2019, with the extension to 2019,” the CBSA said in a statement.

“The Canadian Border Service Agency will be the primary agency responsible of issuing travel documents to US travellers.

All travellers will need to obtain a US passport and driver’s permit before they can travel, regardless of whether they have a Canadian or US passport.”

The change will be phased in, with some restrictions in place until mid-2020.

The Canadian government said it hopes to have the rules in place in 2019, but it said it was still reviewing the new travel rules.

“There is a lot of work to be done, but this will be a step in the right direction,” said Kate Patterson, director of the US-Canada Border Program at the Humane Society International.

“We’ve seen a lot more openness to this sort of travel for many years now, but we haven’t seen a whole lot of consistency.”

Canada’s federal and provincial governments have been working together on the rules for more than two years.

The changes will likely affect more than 10,000 US dogs, many of whom are kept in Canada by the Canadian Government.

In a statement, the CBPA said that it is committed to ensuring that Canadians have access to the benefits of the Canada Border Services Act and that it will work closely with its partner agencies and Canadian partners to implement the new legislation.

“We are also pleased that the Canadian government is taking this opportunity to take this important step to ensure that Canadians will be able access to safe and legal travel to US states,” the statement said.

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