What you need to know about the air travel restrictions in the aruba islands

If you are planning a trip to the arabia islands, there is a good chance that you will have to take a few extra precautions before you fly in.

According to local authorities, there are now restrictions on air travel between the island of Aruba and neighbouring islands of the Maldives and the United Arab Emirates, which also include the Aruba International Airport.

Aruba International airport is the only international airport in the island, which has the world’s busiest airport network, according to the Aruban Association for Tourism.

For the past four years, a number of international airlines have been prohibited from flying to the islands, with airlines including Ryanair and JetBlue, as well as Air France and the Austrian airline Lufthansa, having been banned from flying between the islands.

The Maldives has been plagued by violence and political instability for decades, and many residents have faced a rise in crime, unemployment and social unrest in recent years.

Since the start of 2017, the Maldivian government has also imposed restrictions on public gatherings, with citizens forced to stay indoors during the day and forbidden from attending festivals or sporting events, and restrictions on internet access.

With this new restrictions, it is unclear if these restrictions will have an effect on the international tourism industry.

The Maldivians are also concerned about the possible effect on their tourism, as their airport is only a few kilometres away from the capital, Male, and the Maldibian government is heavily dependent on tourism revenue.

In August, the British Airways plane carrying a group of Brits to the Maldive landed in the Maldival International Airport, just 100 kilometres from the Maldigas capital of Male, after being delayed on arrival.

At the time, the airline said that the delay had been caused by an issue with the aircraft’s flight data recorder, and that it was being repaired.

Despite the airport’s proximity to Male, it’s unclear if the Maldifas government will make the airport the new airport for international flights.

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