How to stay safe while traveling to and from games in the Midwest and Northeast

New Jersey residents should keep their windows and doors shut and avoid outdoor seating, the state’s transportation department has announced.

The Transportation Department said on Wednesday that people travelling to and fro between the Big Apple and Boston will have to stay at least three hours before and after a game, or at least five minutes after a period of no traffic.

“People should limit their outdoor time to an hour and a half, or four hours,” Transportation Commissioner Joe Bruno told the AP.

“I would suggest people make sure that their windows are closed, that they put some coverings around their neck and that they wear long-sleeved shirts and pants.”

In other words, no golf shirts, no hockey jerseys.

The state has also announced that those visiting the Twin Cities will be required to wear seatbelts during the duration of a game.

The ban covers both men and women.

Bruno said the ban is designed to keep people safe in the game.

“This is an attempt to reduce the number of collisions and injuries that occur,” he said.

This is about public safety.

I don’t think we have to be afraid to say that.

“The department said in a news release that it will also enforce the restrictions at other events.

The restrictions are the latest in a series of efforts by New Jersey to make the state safer for fans and players, including increased ticket prices, an expanded toll-free phone number, enhanced security, and a ban on wearing headgear during a game or on game days.

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