US travelers to Brazil will be barred from traveling to South Africa: travel blog

US travelers who are planning to visit South Africa, the country they have been visiting for several years, will be unable to visit the country unless they first obtain a visa from the country’s immigration authorities.

According to a statement posted by the US Embassy in Brazil, the ban will be in place for US citizens, permanent residents, and refugees entering South Africa from July 11 through August 9.

The restrictions will be put in place in the event that travelers attempt to travel to South African territory by boat or airplane.

The US Embassy has been working with its partners in South Africa to help US citizens and permanent residents who are affected by the travel restrictions find other ways to travel or visit their families in South African countries.

According to the statement, travelers who plan to visit Brazil from July 10 through August 11 will be able to do so without a visa.

The statement did not specify the specific reason for the travel ban.

The United States Embassy in South Korea also did not provide a specific reason, but said it was not related to the recent travel restrictions announced by South Africa.

Travel restrictions have been imposed by the country after an international incident involving South African police officers.

South Africa’s police chief said that he would not allow foreign tourists and their families to enter the country.

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