How to plan a trip to Europe without the hassle of flying to North America

Travel agents, travel agencies, and hotels all have their own pros and cons.

Some agents are good, some are bad, some do not even care about the rules, and some are downright evil.

Let’s take a look at some pros and some cons.


Travel agents.

These guys can do it all.

While they are usually the most reputable, they are also the most expensive, so if you need to get a hotel, get a flight, or book an appointment, be prepared to pay a premium.

You will probably pay a lot more, but that is because travel agents are generally the ones that have the experience.

If you can’t get an agent to work on your behalf, you can always ask your travel agent to get you a better deal.


Travel agencies.

These are the guys that are willing to help you find a place to stay.

They are a great source of information and advice on what to do if you do get stranded or lose your luggage.

But they are not a guarantee.

They might not even be able to find a good spot to stay in. 3.


These hotels are typically the ones to book, but they are more likely to book with a travel agency than with an agent.

If your travel agency is offering free accommodation, it’s usually the right place to book.

But you will be looking for a hotel that has rooms that are good for a night and a room that will hold you in for a few days.

If the hotel doesn’t have a good reputation, it may be better to go to a hotel with a reputation for good quality, rather than one with a bad reputation.


Hotel chains.

These chains often have good reviews on Yelp, but the reviews aren’t always 100% trustworthy.

You might not get a good experience, but you are getting a great deal.

Some hotels might even charge a bit more than others for the same room.



Most vacation destinations are popular and can be found on vacation packages.

If a hotel doesn: has bad reviews, the hotel may be a better choice.

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