India’s air travellers are among the worst in the world

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE world, the Indian economy is booming, thanks to its booming tourism industry.

But it is also facing a crisis in air travel, which is costing the economy billions of dollars a year.

It is one of the most expensive and complicated air travel in the region, and as a result the government is looking to do something about it.

Its aim is to put an end to the problem, but it will require a lot of money and it could not be done without some help from the private sector.

This week, I am speaking to the director general of Airports and Airports Services, Amitabh Kumar, about the problems in India’s transport and air travel.

This is a special report for the Outlook programme on Radio 4 on Tuesday 23 January at 20:00 GMT.

Welcome to the programme.

I’m the director-general of Airways and Airport Services.

We have a problem with air travel I think the country is getting better with air traffic control and other things, but there is still a lot more work to do.

Amitabhu Kumar: It’s a serious problem.

What exactly is air travel?

Amitabhus Kumar: We have four major modes of transport in India, air travel from the domestic to international, land and sea transport, and air passenger transport.

The main mode of air travel is the domestic air traffic, which involves a journey between a place in India and a place outside of India.

The international air traffic involves air travel between a point in India or an international airport, usually in the United States.

And the land transport involves air transportation to or from places in India.

There are four main modes of air traffic: land and air transport, land transport from the Domestic to International and sea transportation.

So let’s look at these three modes first.

What are the major differences between land and water transport?

Amitbhus Kumar, Director General of Air Transportation: In India, land transportation is the most basic mode of travel.

And land transportation takes place by land or by sea, so there are a lot less restrictions.

The land transport is not regulated at all, so people don’t get arrested for not abiding by the rules.

But in terms of the rules, the international air transport is regulated.

And that means that if you do something like, for instance, you are travelling from a place on the mainland to a place you don’t know, you will have to fly under the supervision of the air traffic controllers in India for a period of time.

That’s the international airport.

The problem is that the rules for international air travel are very strict.

The rules are very, very strict and the only way to get a visa to enter or stay in India is by going through a screening process and you have to pass a test.

So, if you have been flying without a valid visa in the past and you are coming to India, it is very difficult to get it.

And for example, if the air travel company that operates the airport, you know, flies between a city in India in the east and a city outside of that city, the rules are not the same.

You have to take a test in advance to get the right visa to travel.

Amitbhu Kumar, director-General of Air Transport: So it’s a very complex process.

Amitbhav Kumar, head of Airway and Air Travel, Airports & Airports, India: Well, it’s very complicated.

So the rules and the regulations are very much the same as those in the US.

Amitas Kumar, Head of India Airways, Air Travel & Airways: And we’re a big country.

It’s not easy to get an air ticket in India even though we have some great airlines.

We are not a very big country and we are doing a lot to promote air travel but it is a very complicated process.

I mean, we have an airport with more than 1.8 million seats.

Amit Kumar, Airways & Air Ports, India, India is a big market for Indian air travel Amitabha Kumar, Deputy Director General, Air Transport & Air Traffic, India Amitabhas Kumar: Yes, and it’s also a very congested market.

I think that the international airlines are the biggest players.

And I think they are a very powerful player.

We used to be a very small market and we’ve become the world’s largest market for air travel and for passenger transportation in the last 20 years.

So we have very good international air and passenger carriers, which are the big players in India today.

Amitakumar Kumar, President, Indian Airlines, India Airports: We are very competitive in terms, for the world market, but also in India itself.

We do very well in India compared to other countries.

Amit, Director-General, Air Transportation & Air Transport, India And the airlines do very good in terms for domestic air travel too.

Amitv Kumar, CEO, Indian Airways And I know that there

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