Bunkhouse travel trailers are coming soon to the West Coast

Bunkhouses are going to be a fixture in Vancouver this summer.

And the city’s government is offering to sell them to the highest bidder, starting next month.

The City of Vancouver says the trailers are suitable for people who want to stay in their own homes but want to get out of their cars and spend time outdoors.

The trailers are being advertised for $2,500 a piece and are also being offered for $1,200 a piece.

That price does not include utilities and other expenses.

It also does not factor in taxes and any other charges.

Bunkhomes are also popular with families, but people have been looking for a home in the West that has a good view of the ocean and has a place to put their dogs.

The city is offering the trailers for $900 a piece, which is also an increase over the $1.75 a square foot it offered a few years ago.

The first batch of trailers are going for $700 a square meter, or $1 million.

“I think they’re a great way to start the transition away from cars and into your own space,” said David Leachman, who has been involved with the city for 20 years.

He said the city wants to make sure the trailers can be used for a long time.

The bunks are going on sale now through Vancouver’s real estate agents.

The company that will be selling the bunks is called Vancouver BunkHouse.

It is part of the Real Estate Development Corporation of B.C. (REBCBC).

The trailers will be available for rent starting July 18, and then on a monthly lease, starting in September.

The price is subject to change.

“You are going from renting a small home to renting a whole lot of stuff,” said Leland Rundle, the company’s president.

The B. C. government has invested more than $5 million to make the trailers available, said Kevin McBride, the city manager.

He estimated the total cost to build the buns will be about $5.5 million.

The trailer bunks can be rented out in residential properties in residential zones, for $300 a month or $3,500 per year.

A rental home with two bedrooms would cost $2.5 to $3 million, said McBride.

He added that the city is looking for the highest bids, and the trailers should be available in June.

The government is also looking to sell the trailers at auction.

“We have a lot of people who have expressed interest in renting them,” said McWilliams.

“This is an opportunity to get the word out that this is a real option for people.”

He said it’s important to note that the trailers don’t have to be used every day.

“If you have a big day and you’re in your own home and you want to spend the night, then you’re going to need a binky,” he said.

“But you can do that.”

The city said there is no requirement for people to live in the trailers, but it’s a good way to keep them in their homes during the summer.

It says that in the last four years, the number of people using the trailers has dropped by more than half.

“That is really a big deal to people who are just trying to stay safe,” said Leach, the real estate agent.

“They’re going out to the beach, to the park, to play tennis.

They’re going on vacation, and that’s when they are at their maximum.”

He noted that most people who use the trailers say they find them a bit uncomfortable, but they are an affordable way to get outside.

He expects there to be another influx of people looking for bunks as summer draws near.

The next round of trailers will also be available on a 30-day lease, which runs until the end of September.

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