How the ‘Big Three’ travel businesses are adapting to the Trump administration

The travel business is adjusting to the new administration in a way that few industries are, according to analysts.

| AP Photo Travelers brace for Trump travel ban.

President Donald Trump’s travel ban is making travel to the U.S. harder and not only in the short term, but in the long term.

The Trump administration is imposing new restrictions on the nation’s largest airlines, as well as its biggest airports and ports.

That could result in fewer travelers on the ground or in airports that were already struggling before the ban was imposed.

While the travel ban isn’t yet fully in place, travel experts say the new restrictions are already having a devastating impact on the industry, and it is likely that some companies will suffer financially as a result.

Trump’s new travel restrictions.

The new travel ban applies to all flights to the United States and those in and out of the country by air, sea or by land, as long as the airline has the authority to do so.

Airlines have been forced to temporarily suspend flights or reduce service to foreign destinations, or both.

The president’s travel restrictions were first announced on March 3.

They have since been extended to the rest of the world.

The executive order is part of an administration effort to roll back protections for workers, consumers, immigrants and others that the Obama administration signed into law in 2014.

The order also prohibits all foreign nationals from entering the U!cbs.

The travel ban was a key component of the Obama-era trade agreement, which has had a lasting impact on U.s. businesses.

Under the TPP, U. S. companies are banned from making profits in the U., including by making or importing goods and services from countries where those goods or services are made or imported.

It also bars U. s from investing in or exporting to those countries.

The Obama administration said it intended to have the TPP enforceable in court, and the U .s.

Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to the executive order.

A ruling on the case could come as early as this week, but there’s still a chance it could go to the Supreme Court.

The ruling is expected in the spring.

The TPP’s effect on the U s economy is still unclear.

In the meantime, airlines have been unable to get around the ban by operating more on a “business as usual” basis, said David Pomerantz, director of the Global Trade Institute at George Mason University, a non-profit think tank.

“We’re basically still in the middle of a crisis.”

While the new travel bans will probably have a temporary impact, many companies have already made a profit from the suspension of flights and service reductions, said Mark Gorman, an aviation analyst at Morningstar Inc. and a former director of policy planning at the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

The ban will likely be a boon for small and medium-sized airlines, who will likely continue to fly to the states that they were already flying to.

But as the economy picks up, the effect of the ban will wear off.

“If you look at all the business that has been impacted, it will be much more limited and there won’t be a large effect,” said Pomerathan.

“This is going to be a short-term hit, but it’s going to have a long-term impact on business.”

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