Virginia travel restrictions still in effect

Virginia has been extended the time to complete a new state law that bans travelers from seven countries from entering the state.

The new restrictions go into effect Monday.

The new law requires travelers to obtain a government-issued travel document before they can fly to the U.S. Virginians who have not been issued a travel document by the government will be allowed to enter the state with a valid travel document.

In the meantime, the state will issue temporary travel permits for travelers who are in the U: Virginians with no previous visas and those who have been in the country for more than 180 days.

Virginia also has been asked to allow all students, adults and minors from Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen to enter and stay in Virginia.

The law will also allow students from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan and Libya to stay in the state without a visa.

Virginia will now require travelers from Iran and Somalia to obtain visas from their home country, as well as any individuals traveling from those countries to Virginia.

Students from Libya, Sudan or Libya will need a special permit from their parent or guardian to travel to Virginia from the U., as well.

The state is also adding more restrictions to travelers from Syria, Iraq, Libya and Somalia, as part of a larger effort to keep U. S. nationals safe.

Travelers from those seven countries will be subject to the following restrictions, according to the state Department of Transportation:Virtually all U.s. citizens must obtain a passport before entering Virginia.

Those who do not have a passport will need to submit a passport application to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Traveling to Virginia without a passport, will require a visa and a visa stamp, with a stamp of proof of identification.

Travels from Syria and Iraq are still banned.

Travel from Libya are still prohibited.

Travel to Somalia are still restricted.

Travel by foreign students and family members is still prohibited, and those from the following countries are still barred: Iran, Sudan Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Yemen.

Travel is also allowed for people who are currently in the United States.

It is currently not possible to enter Virginia without an immigration permit.

Travel to Virginia will not be possible to residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands or the U

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