How to make the most of your weekend in Toronto

By Emily AikenRead more As I write this, it’s raining and a flood of people are making their way down to downtown Toronto for the weekend.

I’m a big fan of the city, it has a good mix of people and it has an awesome city center, so I can’t help but be drawn to it.

But, as I have a whole bunch of things to do over the weekend, I decided to make a list of things I need to do and when I do them.

I also found this article on how to make an extra weekend of travel to Toronto that I thought would be interesting.

What I wanted to know was, do you need to be on a Sunday to make it to Toronto?

So I created a simple checklist.

Checklist:  1.

Get to the best part of Toronto before sunset, or if you live in Toronto, get there as early as possible, before sunrise. 


 Go downtown and get your bearings on where to go, what to see, and how to get to it 3.

Take a stroll around the city and take in the sights, restaurants, and music. 


Bring a water bottle and a blanket if you’re going to have to do this alone.


Use a map and compass to find your way around the map, which will be a lot easier if you have one to keep handy.


Get your map out of your phone and find a safe place to sit.


If you can’t find a parking spot near your hotel, just find one nearby and park for free.


If you’re heading to Toronto from outside the city then check out the other parts of the province as well.


Bring a book or notebook to write down the things you need 10.

Get yourself a bottle of water, because you’re not going to be able to sleep in a shelter on the ground floor of a hotel if you don’t bring water. 


Bring some snacks or treats for yourself if you want to get your body through the whole weekend 12.

Try to bring your camera with you.


This is my favourite tip, don’t buy any souvenirs at the mall or at the grocery store.


Buy some sunscreen.


Head out to a nice spot on a nice weekend day, and stay in a quiet place.


Go out to dinner with friends and have a good time.


Make a list with a few things you want or need to bring that will get you through your trip. 


Stay in a hotel with the same person for a few nights.


Be kind to strangers 20.

Have a meal or two with friends outside of your regular routine. 


Talk to your family and ask for advice.


Listen to music while you’re eating, and if you like listening to your favourite songs.


Watch the weather.


Walk around the neighborhood, and try to take in as many of the different things that are happening as you can.


Find something to do in Toronto with friends 26.

Sleep on the sidewalk and outside.


Pick up a few more things, and maybe some snacks.


Start packing your things.


Grab a bag or two of clothes to wear on the weekend 30.

Don’t pack anything else. 




Ask for help from someone that you trust.


Wear the clothes you bought in the mall and try them on. 34.

You can even wear your clothes at home, or at work.


Eat a big bowl of food with a big bag of cheese on top, or eat a couple of small ones with your friends. 


Do something relaxing to take your mind off the bad things that happen over the course of the weekend and enjoy the good stuff.


Join a group or an online group.


Set aside a day or two to watch your favourite TV shows.


Play some games with your group. 


Visit a local art gallery or museum, or a theatre.


Put together a DIY costume or make a cute little piece of artwork with your local store. 


Meet up with a bunch of your friends to go grocery shopping.


Keep your house clean, as long as you do your own cleaning.


Learn how to cook, and cook at home.


Stop shopping. 


Skipping out on a day of shopping to make some new friends is just going to make

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