When you travel, check your passport in Italy

Travelers checks are being rolled out across Italy this month as the country tries to combat a ban on the use of social media and social media sites to organise travel.

The country will be the first in the European Union to implement a travel ban on social media, following a series of attacks in France and Belgium.

In Italy, visitors checks are due to start next week at airports and hotels, with passengers from the 28-member bloc being checked and checked again on arrival in Italy. 

The checks will be in place from Tuesday and will run until March.

Italy’s tourism minister, Carlo Calenda, said the aim is to “prevent people from using social media platforms in the country, and in particular from travelling abroad to engage in terrorist activities.”

Italy is one of several countries in Europe that have imposed travel bans on social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook.

In February, Facebook temporarily suspended all travel to the EU after a French man with ties to the Islamic State group killed 32 people in a terror attack on a Paris concert hall.

The Italian travel ban is not new.

In March, Italy also imposed travel restrictions on Instagram and Facebook following a wave of deadly attacks across Europe in 2017. 

In Italy and in Europe, some of the biggest social media companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, have all banned their users from using the sites.

In 2018, Facebook announced that it would ban its users from creating accounts on Facebook in the Middle East and North Africa.

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