When America’s Foreign Policy Ends, You Can Still Find a Job

New York magazine has a new cover story on what’s happening with the Trump administration’s foreign policy.

“America Is Now a Country, Not a City,” the title tells us.

This new headline, from our colleague Nick Giambruno, tells us what this means for cities across America: There are now no longer any federal jobs or public transit subsidies to be had.

The Trump administration has taken the most drastic steps yet toward dismantling our public safety system and abandoning decades of efforts to make the nation safer.

The president has made the biggest cuts in the department of homeland security, the military, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

This includes eliminating funding for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Department of Transportation, the Departments of Agriculture and Commerce, and dozens of other federal agencies.

This will not only cause massive job losses, but also reduce the number of American jobs, as it reduces the workforce by tens of thousands of people.

The end of this era of bipartisan bipartisanship is a great loss for American workers and for American taxpayers, but we are not leaving the country.

The government shutdown is just the beginning.

As Trump has promised, we will be able to “get the country back to normal,” and this is only going to get worse.

As we write this, the United States is on track to have the largest budget deficit in American history, and we are on track for the largest national debt in history.

We’re also headed toward an election year where Republicans will attempt to undo a number of the Trump initiatives, including cuts to Social Security, the Affordable Care Act, and many other government programs.

Trump’s policies are also putting the American public at risk.

Trump, a man who has been proven to be reckless and uninterested in the best interests of the American people, will not be held accountable for any of his actions, and he is not expected to cooperate with the investigations and congressional investigations into his alleged ties to Russia.

We are all deeply concerned about the effects of the president’s agenda, and our nation cannot afford to let this unravel any time soon.

And we will fight to ensure that this never happens again.

But even if we don’t succeed in stopping the administration’s efforts to unravel our public transportation system, we must still do everything we can to keep America safe.

We need to continue to improve our air, water, and sewer infrastructure, and make sure that we do not put Americans in harm’s way by failing to build our air and water systems up.

And our airports and other critical infrastructure are also important.

But we cannot afford another year of Trump’s reckless policy proposals, which will likely only accelerate the already devastating effects of his presidency.

We must be bold and persistent in pushing back against these dangerous plans.

And I’m proud to be the leader of the Democratic Party, which has been fighting to keep the American economy and our country safe for decades.

But now we have a president who will do what it takes to undermine our country and destroy our nation’s economy.

We cannot let that happen.

We will do everything in our power to ensure the United Kingdom remains the number one destination for American companies and workers, while working with our allies and partners around the world to protect their citizens and businesses.

We believe the United Nations Security Council must be allowed to take action to rein in the Syrian regime and the Russian regime, and to stop Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

And if we succeed in securing that vote, we’ll then have a better chance of getting the U.S. Congress to pass a bipartisan bill that would keep our country from going to war with Russia and Syria, which could be a real game-changer for our nation.

We’ll also continue to pursue a global effort to reduce emissions, and work with our friends and partners to do that.

But it’s important that we get the vote in Congress for that and other major legislation as well.

In this climate, the world is watching us.

We can’t allow it to happen again.

The United States has already shown we are a country of law, not of chaos.

The Republican Party will not stand for that, and it’s time we stood up to Trump.

It’s time to stand up to the president who has betrayed the American Dream, the rule of law and the rule-of-the-common-sense values that make our nation great.

It was a bold, principled, and unqualified statement from President Trump, and that’s what we need to hear from him and his administration.

Thank you.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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