President Trump: “We’re Going to End the Travel Ban”

President Trump said that he’s “totally going to end the travel ban,” a policy he introduced in January that has become a major point of contention between Trump supporters and critics.

He told supporters in Ohio that he’ll sign an executive order on Wednesday that will temporarily suspend the ban.

The White House is expected to make the executive order official next week.

“We’re going to start taking back our country,” Trump said.

“We have to get our country back.”

“We have the people that want to make this country great again, we have the jobs that are going to come back and we have a country that’s going to be stronger and safer,” he said.

Trump has faced criticism from some in his own party for his travel ban.

In April, the House passed a bill that would allow states to reinstate some of the travel restrictions on people from six Muslim-majority countries.

The bill was later dropped after Republicans and Democrats failed to reach an agreement on its contents. 

“I will end the Muslim Ban, which was put in place by the Democrats, and restore the rule of law, and we’re going get rid of this horrible, horrible, bad, bad ban that was put into place by Barack Obama,” Trump added.

“I have a feeling we’ll get rid (of) it.”

“I don’t care about what you think, I don’t really care,” Trump told the crowd in Columbus.

“If you want to know what’s going on, it’s called the travel bans.”

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