How to keep your family safe on the roads

In India, it’s the family’s job to stay safe on roads.

But while the country has long been known for its tight control on travel, the road rules that govern most parts of the country are a little different than in the West. 

India is the only country in the world where family members can travel without having to get permission from authorities. 

That’s a major shift for many families in India. 

Many families live in remote areas and are stuck in crowded cities and towns without enough space for the whole family to be on the road at any given time.

When the country was trying to relax restrictions in 2015, it was also forced to introduce a new form of regulation: the Family Protection Plan.

The new rules were introduced to make sure that family members could be safe in case of any kind of accident, and even in case the driver has to drive.

But now, the government has relaxed the rules, with a few notable exceptions.

First, children under 14 are not allowed to travel alone.

That’s a change that will be welcomed by some parents who were against the rules.

Secondly, parents can travel as long as they can keep a distance of at least 20 kilometres from the nearest road junction.

Thirdly, the rules on family travel were relaxed so that children under 12 are allowed to go alone if their parents are in the country.

Fourthly, even if the family is travelling on a public road, it is still not allowed for parents to drive a car.

The Government is also introducing a new system to track children’s travel habits.

The National Child Development Policy 2015 allows for parents of a child under 12 to register it with the government and to share the information with the police.

It is also allowing children aged between 14 and 17 to visit schools or private colleges.

These changes, however, have come with a caveat. 

For now, children aged under 14 can only travel with their parents on a bus or a motorcycle, and if their parent is not with them, the child is not allowed on the bus.

For families who have already registered their child with the school, the new rules will apply until September 30, 2020.

But it’s not clear whether children will be allowed to leave their homes and travel independently without their parents, or only if they have a bus ticket.

For more on India, read our India travel tips article The new rules are also expected to be relaxed to allow children under 10 to travel on buses alone, if the parent is with them.

But it is unclear how this will work, as many families still fear the police will catch them. 

The new guidelines also introduce a three-tier system of protection.

The first tier is the National Family Protection Policy 2015, which gives a blanket exemption for all family members, regardless of age.

The second tier is a different type of protection: the Home Protection Policy, which requires authorities to give priority to those families who can afford it.

The third tier is called the National Public Safety and Safeguards Policy, that is aimed at children aged 12 to 16.

According to the National Child Protection Policy 2016, children between the ages of 14 and 16 cannot travel without permission of their parents.

It also says that no person under the age of 16 may travel alone in public places.

The policy is based on a similar scheme in India, where the government allows children under 16 to travel in public transport if their parental permission is granted.

The National Family protection Policy 2015 also says it will not allow children aged 16 to 17 to travel unaccompanied, but there is no specific guidance on this.

Parents can travel independently with their children on public roads, but not on private roads.

If a parent is travelling without permission, the children can travel alone, but only if the child has a valid ticket. 

If the parent does not have a valid travel ticket, the family can travel on a motorcycle without permission.

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