Saving money on airfare is an art.

We’ve discussed when to book Thanksgiving travel, which destinations get more expensive as you procrastinate, and which US airports have the cheapest flights.

Now, another piece of the puzzle: analyzed over 4 million domestic flights since the beginning of 2014 and found that the cheapest days of the week to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday, presumably because no one wants to go anywhere midweek.

Does Bread Cause Stomach Fat?

The simple response is it depends on which type of bread.

Avoid the breads that contain white flour, refined flour, enriched flour, enriched wheat flour, enriched bleached flour and wheat flour. There are more, but these are the big ones you need to look out for.

Why do you need to avoid these?

Because it is really just processed sugar. When these ingredients are used you also don’t normally see a good fiber amount, which means you have nothing to help slow down the rush of sugar into your blood and the spike in insulin levels.

This leads to fat storage and more importantly belly fat storage.

So what bread can you eat to avoid belly fat storage?

Look for 100% whole grain bread or sprouted grain bread. Both are excellent choices because they contain more of the good stuff that gets stripped out with the other breads.

When you get more of the entire grain you get a higher fiber level and a heartier grain, this leads to a slower rise in blood sugars and a lower insulin response.

The result:  Less calories stored as belly fat.

For more help on weight loss

For those looking to improve their health and want to lose weight, inevitably there are some foods that should be avoided such as chocolate, sweets and savoury treats as the majority of these foods are unhealthy and contain active ingredients that we know will cause an increase in weight.

But there are some problematic foods that are not as obvious but are usually the reason why many people struggle to lose weight without realising.

We have identified below five foods you should avoid and try and not eat when you want to lose weight:

Did you know that the best bargains are online?

Back in the days, we all had to wait for the summer sales or the January sales to bag a bargain.

Now you can grab a deal all year long. Here are our 5 secret tips to save money by buying online.

How you can buy a brand new iPhone at 95% discount!

Online retail is a very competitive sector at the moment with discounts being offered on most sites. However with penny auctions, customers can save up to 80% off the retail value by bidding in online auctions. The concept is simple; you purchase credits which you can then use to bid on auctions. If you are the last bidder then you win the product!

Have you heard about incredible new trend that allows shoppers to save money on expensive items like iPhones, iPads, tablets, TV’s and even cars?

It’s a phenomenon spreading across Europe and North America like wildfire. Auction sites are selling warehouse clear outs and overstocked products at massive discounts.